Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Major Property Management Company

Crimewave were instructed to review a large estate of commercial property. The estate have been suffering a large amount of crime in their city centre venues.

Crimewave took time to visit key properties within the portfolio to asses and develop a suitable high level security strategy. The review took account of how the buildings operated, processes in place and the physical and electronic countermeasures.

Following this review a full and detailed security policy with a guide and specification was produced detailing the security procedures and requirements for the entire estate.

Since this the company have seen reductions in crime affecting its customers, improved awareness throughout the business and a large cost saving thanks to the security spend rationalisation.

Since this Crimewave have been retained to assist with many security matters, we continue to support management on mitigating measures, specific projects and provide technical direction.

Case Study 2 - Local Authority

A local authority purchased 3 re-deployable cameras to tackle anti-social behaviour, they had no experience in this area and were unable to use the cameras for the purpose.

As the authority had no experience with investigating these issues or purchasing the right equipment they got in touch with us.

After understanding their needs we were able to source the right CCTV solution on their behalf, we also now fully manage the system, deployments and investigations liaising with the relevant police departments or authority providing a full end to end solution for our client. This is providing the results they need along with large budget savings.

Case study 3 - National Gym Chain

Crimewave have been investigating incidents within a fast growing national gym chain. Gym chains often suffer with theft from lockers and vehicle theft. Crimewave were engaged in 2013 to address these issues.

Crimewave’s experience with analysis, investigations and police liaison has meant a huge reduction in crime effecting the whole estate.

Our developed analysis and investigation technique produces an efficient method of identifying offenders early. This process has enabled many offenders to be dealt with by the police and quickly stopping these thefts from occurring.

Case Study 4 - High End Fashion Retailer

Crimewave were engaged to address security issues across the estate which included burglary and shoplifting at a boutique style central London location.

One of our consultants visited this site to carry out a security assessment. Several security gaps and likely weaknesses were identified and addressed, some by no-cost simple processes that were implemented and some involved improvement to the buildings physical and electronic security.

Crimewave assisted in gaining impartial quotations for the works and having the industry knowledge achieved cost savings on the required work. Since our recommendations were implemented there have been no further theft reports.

Case Study 5 - Major Gym Chain (London)

The gym chain was suffering from a series of locker thefts in their Central London clubs.

Crimewave began investigation and following site visits, CCTV review and other evidence, were able to identify the identity of the offender.

Crimewave then identified the same offender in other clubs that had suffered from locker thefts. Crimewave then put together a criminal case and liaised with Police.

Crimewave then briefed all clubs in the area, creating an action plan for front line staff to follow in case the offender visited any clubs.

The offender did appear at another club, looking to commit further offences. Staff followed the action plan and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

The offender was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 2 years for 27 locker thefts.

The Gyms have returned to normal and no further members will be affected.

Case Study 6 - Property and Land Trust

The trust, who own and operate large areas and buildings within Milton Keynes engaged Crimewave to assist in addressing problems involving vandalism to property and antisocial behaviour at its locations.

Crimewave deployed specialist CCTV equipment to these off-grid locations. Once the cameras were placed by our experienced teams to achieve good quality images, we were then able to produce an evidence pack and liaise with local enforcement officers to deal with the offenders.

Crimewave are now retained by the trust to provide this consistent countermeasure to successfully tackle vandalism, theft and antisocial behaviour helping to keep the local community safe.

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