Case Study 2 - Major Gym Chain (London)

The gym chain was suffering from a series of locker thefts in their Central London clubs.

Crimewave began investigation and following site visits, CCTV review and other evidence, were able to identify the identity of the offender.

Crimewave then identified the same offender in other clubs that had suffered from locker thefts. Crimewave then put together a criminal case and liaised with Police.

Crimewave then briefed all clubs in the area, creating an action plan for front line staff to follow in case the offender visited any clubs.

The offender did appear at another club, looking to commit further offences. Staff followed the action plan and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

The ofender was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 2 years for 27 locker thefts.

The Gyms have returned to normal and no further members will be affected.

Case Study 1 - Coffee Shop Chain

A franchise coffee shop owner engaged Crimewave to review all 19 stores.

During the review it was clear that there was no fraud standards in place and, as a result, theft and fraud would be hard to detect. Crimewave wrote policy and procedures for the group and set about training these policies into the company through a series of store manager meetings.

Once training was completed, Crimewave audited against the new policy and procedures, bringing up standards and giving a clearer picture if theft or fraud occurs.

Crimewave are retained to audit stores and investigate any breaches or non-compliance that indicate theft/fraud.

A crimewave audit contains:

  • Transactional data review
  • CCTV review
  • Compiance review
  • On-site checks such as stock, safe, cash, till checks etc.

Case Study 4 - Franchise Retailer (Dorset)

This retailer could not understand why sales had decreased by 5% in a store that had previously performed well. Stock, purchasing and waste appeared normal as did cost of sales and customer numbers.

Crimewave took ownership and used their bespoke data-mining tool and identified a large number of suspicious till activity by two operators.

As the site did not have any CCTV installed we arranged a temporary Covert CCTV system to be installed. Once the CCTV was reviewed, evidence of theft and fraud was found.

A full evidence pack was built showing CCTV footage, till transactions and statements etc. Following Crimewave police liaison, two persons were arrested.

Case study 3 - Large Fast-Food Franchise

Crimewave met the franchise owners and agreed a free trial as they were unsure of our services.

Crimewave were given three large stores to review. The brief was to find evidence of theft and fraud within the store.

Following a successful investigation, Crimewave identified 3 members of staff under ringing in one store.

Crimewave also identified time theft (fraudulently recording duty times), theft of cash and the purchase unouthorised stock from a non-franchised company.

Whilst these results shocked our client, they were able to take action and save losses across all 47 stores.

Crimewave have been retained to audit and review against current franchise standards, allowing for idendification of any theft/fraud and continue to monitor to ensure standards are raised and incidents are few.

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