Health & Fitness

We are experts in security and loss prevention across the Health & Fitness industry

  • Locker theft: Prevention, Investigation & Police Liaison
  • Building security
  • Member security
  • CCTV & Electronic Security Design with Specification. One client saved £1.2Million on equipment costs for a single year following our advice.
  • Security Processes, guidance and support
  • Asset/ Valuables protection

Police don’t have the resources to tackle such crime or struggle to deal with multiple venues that are targeted, we dig deep. By monitoring comings and goings from changing rooms, analysing available data along with CCTV we can detect suspicious behaviour. We are able to identify suspects for 80% of locker thefts. With our trained and experienced investigators we build cases and work closely with the police to ensure the culprits are dealt with. We can demonstrate a consistent regular track record of successful prosecutions stopping the offenders returning. This increases customer confidence and retains members.

Building and Car Park security

Security Assessments, recommendations and advice on monitoring and prevention measures including Police liaison, help you greatly reduce anti-social behaviour, car-park crime, theft and vandalism.

Security Surveillance, monitoring and procedures

Appropriate types and locations of cameras for surveillance, H&S and other value added functionality can significantly decrease criminal activity in leisure facilities. Using proportionate and measured camera and electronic security designs the right coverage can be achieved with sizeable install and cost of ownership savings.
Introducing effective procedures will help secure your venues, your teams along with your members.

Food & Beverage

We can identify and reduce stock and cash losses in your food and beverage departments. If you do not already have them, we can write policy and procedures for your operating standards and then audit against these procedures to ensure full compliance. We are also able to investigate cash loss/theft, stock loss reducing any loss in this area.

To discuss our services please call us on 01908 511965 or email

Malcolm Shevlin – Head of Risk Pure gym

“Pure Gym have been working partners with Crimewave since March 2013 and have found the expertise in crime Investigation, security support, CCTV design and audit capability, to be a valuable asset to our unique offering. All of the Crimewave staff are approachable, knowledgeable and professional.”

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