Q: Will the cost of your service outweigh the potential savings?

A: This depends on the size of the organisation and the problem. For example, one company saved £1.2m on security equipment by implementing our recommendations. Our free audit has been known to identify problems at no cost to our client.

Q: I own a franchise, will you report back to my franchisor?

A: We work with you and you alone. All findings and communications are completely confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

Q: I’m concerned about confidentiality, how do you deal with this?

A: As we are contracted by you, all findings and communications will only ever be shared with you or your stakeholders. We never share your information with competitors or any other parties. We are always happy to provide and sign confidentiality agreements prior to commencement of work.

Q: Will the process upset our staff?

A: The majority of your staff may not even know there is an audit/investigation in progress. But if staff need to be involved, our approach is diplomatic and inoffensive. Plus, if your staff have nothing to hide, they will have nothing to fear.

Q: What impact would there be on our staff?

A: Our collaborative approach means key members of your staff are included in the process. With effective Crime Management, CWS can catch culprits red-handed, deter future crime and improve the morale of the honest majority who can so easily be demoralised by an atmosphere of suspicion and accusation.

Q: Will this process take our staff away from their important daily tasks?

A: No, our approach is discreet and designed to be unobtrusive wherever possible.

Q: How will your work impact our members/customers?

A: We are always discreet and minimise contact with your customers. We never approach your customers directly without prior consent and always act in a diplomatic way. Our purpose is to improve your customers’ experience by reducing overall crime at your facilities; it is never intended to make them feel singled out or uncomfortable.

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