RETAIL (Crime prevention & loss)

Non compliance with policy and procedures?

No policy or procedures? - We can write them for you
Non-compliance with security procedures
Customer shoplifting
Irregularities in profit and/or performance in different stores with similar turnovers

Incident Investigation

The Crimewave team:

Identify the crime and the perpetrators

Investigate theft/fraud both internal and external and, if appropriate, provide evidence to support dismissal and/or prosecution.

Help remove any internal suspicion and blame

This allows your key staff to focus on their role. Because they don’t personally handle the investigation, they can maintain a comfortable working relationship with their colleagues.

Avoid the awkward process of gathering evidence and conducting staff interviews

Crimewave security experts will take care of everything. If necessary, they will interrogate hours of CCTV. They arrange and carry out staff interviews and, because they liaise with the Police as needed, you retain a sense of distance from the investigation.

Retail Crime Prevention Consultancy

Identifying security weaknesses in your store

Crimewave work with your key staff to identify security issues and your particular needs. A plan of approach is agreed and milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs) are set.

Involving Crimewave early can prevent unnecessary risks.

Site surveys and security assessments can be provided during the design stage of new buildings. By carrying out store audits and site security assessments, our bespoke data-mining software can help your business identify unusual trends early, allowing early resolution through investigation.

Recommendations to help you reduce retail related crime

Using our findings and recommendations, we identify the optimal solutions to your problems. A reporting system for all security incidents will aid development of a long-term security policy.

If you are a franchise retail store or own a chain of stores, Crimewave can reduce your losses or risks. We can identify even the smallest internal theft, reducing your losses to a minimum.

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