Have you noticed any of the following?

Stock missing from warehouse
Theft from distribution depot.
Lorry theft / Company fuel theft
Warehouse break-ins
Non-compliance to procedures
Flaws in current procedures

Crime Prevention

Our consultants have years of experience in auditing businesses for areas of vulnerability. Once your audit is complete, we can help implement solutions, re-assess their effectiveness and advise on steps to reduce further occurrences.

Property and site audits

Our site audits identify areas of risk and help us provide you with appropriate preventative recommendations and advice eg:

  • Site surveillance
  • Access to restricted areas
  • Staff check in procedures
  • Goods tracking and monitoring
  • Security practices, procedures and compliance auditing

Incident Investigation

Goods that are not accounted for or any suspicion of foul play will be thoroughly investigated by police-trained staff. Once the culprit is identified you will receive all necessary supporting evidence.

We can investigate ad hoc incidents or partner your business over a longer period.

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